About Us

Noble Bear Customs was born out of the love of toys, but more specifically, action figures. Nestled in the high-mountains of Colorado, Noble Bear Customs is owned and operated by two brothers, Anthony Velez (Clan Chief,) and Andre Velez (Creative Shaman.)

Surrounded by a forest of mountain lions, bears, majestic moose, and other lurking creatures, the Noble Bear clan draws inspirations for their unique fantasy pieces from the world around them.

Noble Bear Customs also collaborates with a variety of talented artists throughout the land.

With a primary focus on 1/12 scale action figures, Noble Bear Customs prides itself on quality-made products and exceptional customer service.

 Noble Bear Customs 3D Printing


Our names are Andrej and Natalija! Our "battle" station is situated in our living room in North Macedonia's capital of Skopje. We have a long lived desire of 3D art, video games, comics, toys and anything we find cool. We keep ourselves busy with the things we love, working on numerous passion projects daily under our mini home studio!

Andrej: I've been doing 3D professionally for over 3 years now working as a freelancer and a contractor, I loved the idea of making my own toys as a kid, and ever since I've discovered the 3D world, the toy making area has been my favorite!

Natalija: On the internet, I've grown up watching others play video games every day never really having the funds to play them myself. I've always had the thought of making them myself one day though that dream seemed very distant and impossible. The most I thought I could pursue in life was to be a painter but call it fate, my loving partner Andrej showed me that I could use my skills to pursue my actual dream. After attending the same Academy as him I've developed quite a lot in the past 2 years, spending my days creating my own 3D art works and doing freelance with really cool clients.